Secure Payments

This secure payments page serves Scotland Tours and our sister sites Scotland Golf Tours & 1st Events.

If you wish to pay for some or all of your Scotland Tours vacation by credit card please enter your details below.
The information you provide will be transmitted to Scotland using Secure Server Technology ensuring the safety of your credit card details.
If you prefer to pay by bank transfer to get a better exchange rate, please refer to your itinerary or invoice OR contact our staff for details.

Please note that all transactions will be processed in Sterling so the amount which will show on your Credit Card Statement will depend on the exchange rates at time of processing.

Exchange rates
For your information, bank transfers often get better exchange rates than the rates applied by our credit card merchant services company for all payments made by credit card. Please refer to your Payment Details contained in your Suggested Itinerary, or speak to your Tours or Events Specialist for more details.