The itinerary was pretty much perfect, the places you sent us were a mix of cultures which we enjoyed and looking back, I wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way.  In addition to the questionnaire, I thought I would quickly go through a couple of things and places and give you our impression.


First stop – Pitlochry and Fonab Castle.

  • Awesome place with great food and an awesome bar
  • Beds were most comfortable
  • Initially, we wished we had another night there, but as the trip progressed, we were quite satisfied with the rest of the itinerary and glad we didn’t stay in Pitlochry another night.
  • The town of Pitlochry was really cool
  • Dewars tour was awesome.


Second stop – Isle of Sky and Portree

  • What a place—one of the most beautiful places we have ever stayed
  • Portree was a total hit.  One afternoon spent in the local pub and all was good!!!
  • Dinner at Granery’s on the Square was awesome


Third stop – Oban

  • Barcaldine Castle – maybe the highlight of the trip.  AWESOME
  • Ferry ride to Isle of Mull with a couple of bottles of wine…can’t be beat
  • Dinner on the pier with fresh seafood just caught that morning, another huge hit


Last stop – Edinburgh

One of my favorite cities in the world

  • The staff at the hotel was awesome.
  • The bar was very nice
  • Grassmarket was a lot of fun, especially as it was a sunny Saturday afternoon with a jazz festival going on
  • The Open and train ride to Leuchars was awesome.
  • Fiona Scott was an absolute wealth of information and an awesome tour guide.


So, as you can see, the entire trip was fabulous.  I think that what we got for what we paid made the value well worth it.  I would not hesitate to do it again with you, Ronnie and the staff at Scotland Tours.  Great job and hopefully, we’ll be working together again in the future.


Mike (July 2015)