The Scotland Tours Experience

We work with:

  • large groups, small groups of friends travelling together and small family groups
  • clients who wish to explore the country – the islands, the cities, the coastal villages, the mountains…
  • those who enjoy Scotch Whisky and may wish to visit the distillery where their favourite drink is distilled,
  • those who wish to participate in some great sports, including fishing, walking, horse racing, motor sports and of course golf. We are keen golfers ourselves and much of our business is arranging golf tours. Therefore, we have set up a separate golf site – click here to enter that web site and plan your golf tour
  • clients who wish to play golf on just one or two days of their trip – ask us to include some golf during your tour if you wish. Courses range from the famous championship course to excellent smaller and less expensive local courses that many enjoy. With over 600 courses to choose from we can always get you a game somewhere interesting.
  • people who like to have a choice of styles of accommodations. Many of our groups spend just 3 or 4 days in an area before moving on so can select different styles of accommodation. We can offer large resorts with amazing spas, luxury castles, country houses with charming architecture and outstanding food. You may prefer to rent your own house or cottage – many of these come with hot tubs and saunas, we have lots of elegant city centre hotels or hotels with amazing views over the sea or countryside to offer you. Visit the hotels section below for more information.
  • those who come to enjoy the various festivals and events. Each August, The Edinburgh International Festival and The Royal Tattoo take place. There are other food festivals, whisky festivals, golf events, soccer matches, horse racing meetings, motor sports, pop and rock concerts, to enjoy. We supply tickets to these and other events – ask for more details.
  • people who like visiting the sites of famous scenes in films and tv shows. Currently we get a lot of requests to visit places used in the filming of Outlander, Brave, Skyfall and Downton Abbey.

Please explore the site for more details on what you wish included in your trip.

If you are not sure, and want us to design a trip for you, that is something that often occurs. Just give us a few ideas about what your interests are, what style of accommodations you prefer, the size of your group, and we can take it from there.

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Please complete the enquiry form and give us details about your group and what activities etc. you wish us to include in your tour.

We prefer to phone you to talk through any issues that we think are necessary before emailing your Suggested Itinerary to you, and after you have read it, make any adjustments that are required to ensure the tour meets with everyone’s approval.

Scotland is a great destination. Come and see, enjoy the hotels, the activities, and our food and I’m sure you will choose to return on a regular basis when you see how easy it is to have a great time.

Our mission is to do everything possible to make sure you are in the right hotel, enjoying the right service and high standards we provide to all our international guests. We know you can choose to go anywhere in the world and we want to show you why Scotland is right at the top of so many people’s “must see” list.

Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope to be meeting you on arrival in Scotland very soon.

Ronnie Pook

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